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SSTV and PSK on a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 tablet computer

My wife and I had a trip in the U.S. in December 2012 which we bought each a tablet computer. The operating system of the machine is Android 4.1.1
I started then to look for amateur radio programs and found out that there are many on Google Play, I found a few for me, interesting programs, DroidPSK and DroidSSTV, they are not free but costs only pennies.
Next task was then to mesh my tablet pc and my Yaesu FT-897 radio together, i spent some time reading about, I found out that a Vox interface appears just was the case, I ended up finding Skip Teller KH6TY he had an article in QST March 2011, I sent him an email and asked if I could buy a kit, but he replied that he did not do them any more.
But a few days later he sent me a PCB layout for his Vox Digital Interface. When we got home, I started to make print and assemble it, and I must say that it is something that works, if there is someone who will build it, I can send the PCB layout and Diagrams in an email oz2hns@gmail.com .

Here are a few pictures of my attempts, to my samsung, use a 4-pole jack, and here one must be aware of pin 1 left out, pin 2 right out, pin 3 frames, pin 4 microphone.

The interface set to tablet PC

Below a picture of the finished interface

And then we started running PSK.

Here is a picture of psk qso with a Russian, as can be seen in the picture there are 9 macorer you can use to anything you want on top there is to write the data in the log and then remember to press the Add to Log -, the actual setup I will not go into, but only say that you press and hold on a marco, and then open this so you can write in it.

Then it's time to run SSTV

This is the the transmit portion of DroidSSTV

You can see a thin red line that indicates the stage of sending the image that answer cq call from a Frenchman. At the bottom of the picture you can see some small images, you can have 9 pictures ready to send, and you can make some macros I've made one with
CQ one to answer, and one to send 73

This is the receiver portion

When you receive a picture you want to answers to click on marcros and write call and raport (595) maybe later you can fill in the rest with your name and QTH mm
Finally, I would just say that I have been very happy to use my small tablet PC to this. It is Wolfgang Philipps - W8DA who have made these two great programs, and many others can be viewed on his website http://www.wolphi.com.
Interface diagram can be found at Skip Teller KH6TY https://sites.google.com/site/kh6tyinterface
If there is anyone who will hear more about this, or need help then send me an email the address you can find on the left side.
73 gs enjoy the programs.
Hans Otto Nielsen / OZ2HNS

Opdateret September 2022